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Part I

No matter which phase you are at in your life – this course will enable you to get closer to your goals and enrich your life. This unique course offers to teach you the power of breath, meditation and yoga. Central to the program is a specific technique called the “Sudharshan Kriya.” This was developed by Sri Sri himself and has helped millions of people thus far. It improves health, calms the mind and allows you to focus better, feel happier and more energetic.

By learning how to breathe ‘better’ you supply more oxygen to your cells and rejuvenate your body and mind. It also helps to calm the mind which will bring more focus, as well as help you live in the present moment. The Art of Living is simply, to live in the moment.

This is what some of the participants had to say...

"The course has helped me be a better observer of myself and my behavior. The result... a calmer mind, which in turn has helped me become more effective and productive."

"An awesome experience. The techniques that were taught were simple, yet powerful. After doing the course, I found that whenever I practiced the Kriya and the pranayama, I would feel alert and refreshed throughout the day. It taught me to enjoy the simple things of life, and be happy, come what may."

"I used to stress out about everything but after taking the course I am aware that everything is under control. My friends notice the change too. And the techniques taught can have a better effect than most medicines."

"..Studying called for putting in a lot of effort. Would get tired after studying. Also, concentration was difficult. There used to be a lot of distraction like TV, friends etc. But now after doing the course, I can read for hours together without any distraction. And my reading speed has almost tripled. I can comprehend faster and complete huge books in a matter of few days. There is no distraction at all. I could have never done this before."



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